Heritage wire fencing 1250mm high galvinised heritage wire

Heritage Wire Fencing

Heritage wire fencing

1250mm high galvinised heritage wire


MA Steel are able to provide quotes and supply materials for domestic fencing, Colorbond fencing, pool fencing, rural fencing and security fencing through our various suppliers.

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MA Steel are proud resellers of Austral and Whites wire products.


MA Steel keep a range of strainers to suit all applications. We usually have the following stock available:

  • Black Strainers 100mm black 3.0mm wall – 2.1m and 2.4m length – for standard intermediate strainers

  • 100mm black 4.0mm wall – 2.1m and 2.4m length – for gate posts and main corner posts / floodways

  • 125mm black 3.5mm wall – 2.1 and 2.4m length – for heavier applications

  • 150mm black 3.5mm wall – 2.1 and 2.4m length – for really really heavy applications Gal Strainers 100mm Gal 3.2mm wall – 2.1m x 2.4m lengths – for standard and floodway applications or the 2.4m are perfect for Cattle Yard posts


We custom order our gal strainers to our own specifications – these are high tensile, tight tolerance, pre-galvanised posts which can be driven in most applications.

Stays To go with your strainers we have a choice to suit your needs:

  • Black 40 nominal bore 2.3mm (Extra Light) x 3.1m long40NB 2.9mm (Light) x 3.1m long40NB 3.2mm (Medium) x 3.25m long

  • Gal 40NB x 2.3mm XL x 3.25m long40NB x 3.2mm M x 3.25m long

  • Black and Gal Pipe


We have a range of black and gal pipe in stock that we can cut to suit your needs. Generally, pipe comes in 6.5m stock lengths so we can cut 3 strainers or 2 stays out of a length for our customers. Plus have a look at our concrete stay and fixing system from fencelinesolutions.com.au – no welding or digging holes for your stays.

  • Note - Pipe has strange sizing - all pipe sizes refer to the nominal bore of the pipe. So the outside diameters are as follows (in mm)

  • 40Nominal Bore (NB) means 48mm outside diameter (OD),

  • 50NB means 63 OD

  • 100NB means 114 OD

  • 125NB means 140 OD

  • 150NB means 165 OD


They all come in a range of thicknesses (the outside diameter always remains the same) XL – Extra Light, L – Light, M – Medium, and sometimes H – Heavy. But the wall thicknesses are different for each NB size - Now are you completely confused? Drop in a see our qualified staff.

Good to know that we also stock;


  • A wide variety of Meshes - avaliable from reinforcing, flat meshes 25mm by 25mm to 100 by 100mm and a variety of mesh in rolls 

  • Wire from Waratah and AWP in soft, medium and high tensile 

  • Gates in a range of sizes from 3ft upwards. These are available in N and I stay styles as well as Scroll 

  • New in stock is a Solar gate opener with remote controls to save you getting out of the vehicle

  • Steel pickets from 300mm to 2400 in stock and ready to go.

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