Cattle Yards

MA Steel offers a range of cattle yards which are all designed and guaranteed for strength and safety.  Yards can be delivered and unloaded onto your property or they are available to collect from one of our convenient locations at Young or Yass.

MA Steel Portable yard panels

Our cattle yards come in 4 strength grades - pipe (48mm OD), small oval rail (60 x 30mm), medium oval rail (71 x 44mm), or heavy duty oval rail (115 x 42mm). All panels are made from High Tensile, minimum 1.6mm thickness pre-galvanised tube.

All panels are pinned together for ease of construction. Pinned connection options are available - either 'C-Lug" connections which allow multiple panel junctions, or 'pipe lug' options which provide a closer join.

We provide options for sliding gates, race bows, cattle gates, man access gates, loading ramps and Arrow and RPM crushes.

MA Steel Cattle Gates

Oval rail 71 x 44 with 50 x 50 post. These panels are capped and include a base plate to allow fixing to ground for extra stability. The gate pictured includes its own frame and they simply pin into your yard system.


MA Steel 'C-Lug" and pipe lug Cleats

The 'C-Lug" cleats have a large tolerance. This allows junction of multiple panels and also caters better for sloping ground conditions.

The pipe lug connected panels and gates provide for a closer join of the panels.


MA Steel 40nb pipe cattle panels are made of:

  • 6 rails of 40nb (48.3mm Outside diameter x 1.6mm thick high tensile pipe)

  • 2 uprights 1700mm long of same pipe

  • Pipe lug or C lug connection

  • Panels supplied with 2 x 16mm diameter steel pins – each about 300mm long

  • Panels are 2500mm wide


MA Steel small oval rail (60 x 30mm), medium oval rail (71 x 44mm)

  • 6 rails of of small or medium oval rail

  • 2 uprights 1700mm long of RHS 50x50mm

  • C lug connection

  • Panels supplied with 2 x 16mm diameter steel pins – each about 300mm long

  • Panels are 2100mm wide


Rubber is made using a conveyor belt. They are typically 1 to 1.5m wide and up to 11mm thick. Rubber has proved successful and cost effective in horse round yard, stables, flooring and horse floats.

Rubber rails

Rubber rails are made using conveyor belt. They are typically 100mm wide and up to 11mm thick. Rubber rails have proved successful in horse round yards.

What they do:

  • Provide a high visible and resilient barrier which absorb impacts to reduce injury to horse and rider.

  • Will withstand UV radiation for many years without degradation.

  • Will not bow, warp or twist like some timber rails.

  • Are neat, simple, quick and economical to install.  


Arrow Field quip

As well as our own range of Cattle and sheep handling equipment we have access to: Arrow Field Equipment and RPM.